Meet the team

Symponia is very much a people focused company

Although the actual advice given to clients and their families lies solely with the members, there is a team of busy professionals at the helm, steering the way through the myriad of different disciplines needed to stay at the forefront of financial services and ensure that as many people as possible are aware of the Symponia family and how it can help them.



Joint Managing Director – Jeremy Davies 

Jeremy joined the healthcare sector back in 1980, when he worked as a medical representative. This together with his passion for technology and data took him to Dun & Bradstreet. Working in the healthcare sector, Jeremy was able to develop a sound cross-industry professional reputation.

He entered the world of financial services in 2001 where his passion for doing things properly escalated into the establishment of Symponia.You’ll now find Jeremy “out in the field” mentoring and coaching our members, as well as seeking out and developing relationships with our myriad of partners. He is now a sought-after speaker and chairman within the care-advice arena and has been involved in various industry steering committees. He is a regular contributor to both the financial and care press.

When not working he enjoys the cinema, theatre, photography and travel, as well as cooking, eating, discovering new red wines and single malt whisky, although not all at the same time! 

Janet Davies

Joint Managing Director – Janet Davies 

Following in her mother’s footsteps Janet started her career as a nurse, and this medical background formed the basis of her care related career.

Janet has worked with a number of large financial institutions, spoken at national care conferences, provided comment for the BBC, highly regarded journalists and has achieved recognition and success at several awards ceremonies. 

Within Symponia Janet is normally found in her office, providing technical support and assistance to the members and doing all those “communicative, strategic & admin” things that companies have to do to thrive and grow.

Outside of the office, she enjoys dancing, visiting the theatre, cinema and travelling, not to mention eating her way through all the lovely things Jeremy makes.



Professional Relationship Director - Jane Shaw

Jane has spent most of her working life in financial services, working with clients over the phone and face to face as well as in the background managing teams and administration systems. Six years ago, whilst working for a Symponia member, Jane started to help them contact their local care homes.

Recognising Jane’s strengths Symponia asked her to develop these services further and as such Jane now provides professional liaison and seminar organisation for the members.  

In recent years she has experienced the concerns of having a poorly parent facing the need for care so is well aware of the complex issues involved.

Jane is owned by her cat Rosie and loves her life with family, friends and the occasional glass of red wine on the Welsh borders.