Our patron

Amanda Waring is a patron of Symponia

We strongly believe working with a Symponia member will help you and your family achieve the peace of mind you deserve, helping you to obtain the specialist services you need, whilst at the same time looking after the financial aspects of all care-related topics.

The Care Quality Commission, under their “Fair Contract with Older People” is acutely aware that self-funding residents and their families deserve this type of imparital service.

This sentiment is echoed by our Patron, the very talented, actress, writer, director & producer Amanda Waring.

“Sadly, no one is immune to the ravages of age, and I know from personal experience how devastating a long term illness can be. The acute medical condition often gives way to a long lasting, demoralising disability, which invariably means the need for round-the-clock care.

This presents a crisis for most families, not only do they have to accept that their once fiercely independent relative cannot manage of their own, but they have to locate, visit and decide on a suitable care home. Included in this traumatic and complicated mix, are genuine uncertainties about the future, not just the health and welfare of “mum”, but what will happen to the family home and how on earth can the fees be funded indefinitely?

Families remain unaware that tailor-made solutions even exist, and as such I believe that we are failing our older citizens, I know of families who have been left to sort out all of the associated dilemmas for themselves.

Symponia and its members can help you and your family; their combined knowledge, caring approach and their independent yet cohesive approach has already transformed the lives of many families.”

Amanda Waring

Symponia Patron

Amanda Waring