Don't Go It Alone

Last week, I had the pleasure of working with the BBC on a programme that I hope very much will show people that they always have options.

The lady I met had been struggling to organise round the clock home care for her husband. Tired, becoming increasingly worried and not sure she had the strength to go on she contacted the BBC. Forming a strong team we all helped demonstrate that no matter how sad the circumstances, there will always be choices.

By the end of the days’ filming the lady felt much better, had gained a better understanding of the legislation and how this applied to her and her husband. We left her with detailed next steps, a bespoke and specific approach which will help her regain her confidence and control whilst ensuring that her husband is receiving the most appropriate care for his needs.

My overriding message from the day is, never go it alone, seek help at the earliest opportunity. Your most local member will be a good starting point, not only will they remove some (or all) of the financial burden from your shoulders, they will also liaise with and bring in other care-related professionals to ensure you:

  • Are aware of all the legislative facts and how they will affect you personally
  • Understand all the care options available    
  • Gain an understanding of the implications and costs of each option
  • Liaise, wherever needed with other professionals  

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