Will it ever end?

The Brexit saga, Theresa May’s resignation, inevitable clambering for the top job together with the crowdfunded private prosecution of Boris Johnson will do nothing for those people waiting to hear about the much-promised social care reforms. By “those people” we of course mean everyone; whether they are facing a care need now or considering their potential need or watching helplessly as a much-loved relative becomes more forgetful, frail or poorly.

The Green Paper, expected for some years now, has been overlooked by two Health Secretaries (and counting) and whilst all parties promise to keep social care high on the agenda in reality this only seems to happen during General Election campaigns.

The latest BBC programmes "Crisis in Care" paint a scary and dystopian picture. 

Symponia is not a political party, but we thought now as good as any to reiterate our own Manifesto about the funding of care.

  • Symponia promises to tell you the truth.  Our advisers don’t do sound bites; they explore every aspect of a family’s situation and then present real and viable funding options on a bespoke basis. 
  • Symponia says: ‘up the revolution’: the one where people get proactive and take charge of their own Care Destiny, factoring in potential care needs as just another life stage to plan for like any other.  Symponia is for a People’s Collaboration; working together to remove the fear factor, the stigma and the sheer uncertainty (and we’re against plodding on as we are and sticking our heads in the sand).
  • Symponia says: embrace longevity; it is really great news that we are living longer, so surely needing care is just a known complication of longevity.  As such, should we not accept it for what it is and plan for it in advance?
  • Symponia says: be inventive and think out of the box. Whilst time is on your side consider multi-generational living, sibling property sharing; partially converting areas of our homes to be more flexible and age friendly. 
  • Symponia says: take Financial Advice, finding your nearest Symponia adviser is easy, simply use our search facility.  

Finally, here is Symponia’s message to our current & future Governments:

Please stop prevaricating. The British people deserve better; leave the smoke and mirror approaches to our thespian friends in the theatre. Unless tackled head-on very soon, the continued underfunding of the social care system will only get much worse, helping no one.   

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