Care ciarge


Yes, forgive us, we know this is a made up word, but we think it quite apt.

Our inspiration came from the hospitality industry where we often turn to the hugely knowledgeable and invaluable services of the Concierge for help.

We have taken the concept and turned it into a personal form for you to complete and either send to your Symponia member or arrange to meet with them at hand it to them at your first meeting.

To find your most local member simply use our members search.

Sadly, we can’t promise you elusive musical theatre tickets or dinner reservations but we have tried to look at all things related to the funding of care from your perspective. 

We’ve taken the questions from our own experiences and the garnering of feedback from families in exactly the same position as you are now.

Downloading and completing the questionnaire will (we hope) focus your thoughts and help to highlight any gaps and/or confirm the actions you have already taken. 

Whatever your answers we would strongly recommend meeting with or at least talking to your chosen Symponia member. 

Click here to download a printable version of the form.