Care Fees Planning Handbook

We appreciate that it is sometimes easier for you to sit down and read all about the often complex area of care fees in a simple easy to follow publication, it is for this reason that we have put together our Care Fees Planning Handbook. Distributed by our members it contains all the information you should need together with our own suggested top tips, flow charts and pull-out check list.

Should you wish to read the handbook online, simply download it directly by clicking here.

Alternatively, you may prefer to actually hold the book, to request your own printed handbook you can:

  1. Complete the online enquiry form.
  2. Email us at or
  3. Contact your nearest member direct.

Our handbook goes to print once a year each April, which does means that if the government announces any changes to the legislation and/or how care is delivered after April, these changes won’t be in the handbook. When this happens we will produce a snapshot of this information in one easy to read factsheet which we’ll place in the Club Symponia library.