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You are of course free to select the Symponia member of your choice, regardless of their profile or location. For example you may prefer to select a member covering an area actually nearer to the person needing care or to your own home or place of work.

There are numerous financial advisers, but from personal experience we know that finding the right adviser for the right situation isn’t necessarily easy or straightforward. At Symponia we believe that it should of course be your choice, but by insisting on certain standards and perhaps asking some pertinent questions you will be able to find the most appropriate adviser for you and your family. All our advisers are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority,  have dedicated care fees planning experience, the required knowledge levels, the appropriate qualifications and oodles of empathy to help with the gamut of emotions associated with placing a close friend or family member in a care setting.

Master practitionerWithin the financial adviser category are our Master Practitioners 

This badge is awarded to those members who have been with us for over two consecutive years and have shown that extra commitment and dedication by either putting themselves through the Later Life Adviser Accreditation (LLAA) or passing our own Academy Assessment. This rigorous process requires the adviser to have achieved enhanced skill sets as well as demonstrable inter-personal and softer skills.

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