Jim is 67 years. He still works part time and travels a fair bit. He is a local at the same pub frequented by Mr Taylor and Barbara Cole. One night they got chatting about care homes.

Enid, Jim’s mother has just moved into a care home. It’s close by and both Enid and Jim are happy with their choice. As his mother’s Power of Attorney Jim put his mother’s house on the market but he isn’t really sure about what his options are.

After being very pleased with the dedicated Immediate Needs Plan, Barbara Cole suggested Jim met with his local Symponia member. But, Jim doesn’t want to just yet – he’s never met one before and he’s worried about wasting their time.

Jim isn’t alone, he like 50,000 other people in his situation don’t, for whatever reason seek the appropriate advice. What can Jim do instead?

Not wanting to miss an opportunity, and as an interim measure Jim contacted his most local Symponia member and asked them to help him obtain an indicative quote.

Once Jim had received and read the quote Jim understood a lot more about what these plans do. Happy with this fact he met up with the Symponia member who provided the quote. During this meeting, now far more confident about the options available to his mother Jim agreed to ascertain the cost of a fully underwritten plan. Once his mother’s house sale had completed Jim purchased the bespoke Immediate Needs Plan and invested the remaining money as safely as possible.

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